Breakfast Menu


Egg Special
Two eggs, three strips of bacon & home fires($8.25)

Pancakes Special
two Pancakes, two eggs & three strips of bacon

Brioche French Toast Special
Two French toast slices, two eggs & three strips of bacon

Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs, Canadian bacon, Egnlish muffin w/ hollandaiseAdd crab meat ($4.00) Add any vegetable ($1.00)

Lox Benedict
Two poached eggs, Smoked Salmon, Egnlish muffin w/ hollandaise

Charlie’s Favorite
Grilled tomato, onion, and green pepper mixed with home fries and topped with two eggs any style with hollandaise sauce.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Two Fresh Eggs Any Style


Chopped Steak And Eggs
Two eggs, 8 oz chopped steak & homefries

Tender Sirloin
Three eggs, grilled 8 oz steak & homefries


Spinach Leek & Feta Omelette
Three eggs w/spinach, leeks & feta cheese

Greek Omelette
Three eggs w/sausage, feta cheese, onions & tomato

Kielbasa Queen
Three eggs w/ kielbasa, onion, green peppers & mushrooms topped w/sharp cheddar

Florentine Omelette
Three eggs w/spinach, bacon, feta & swiss cheese

Western Omelette
Three eggs w/ham, pepper, onions & spinach

California Omelette
Three eggs w/avacado, bacon, & sharp cheddar

Chorizo Omelette
Three eggs w/chorizo sausage, onion, green peppers, and sharp cheddar cheese.

Three eggs w/onions, tomato, mushrooms, green peppers, broccoli & spinach

Asparagus Cheese Omelette
Three eggs w/asparagus & American cheese

Lox Omelette
Three eggs w/smoked salmon & cream cheese

Bacon Temptation Omelette
Three eggs w/tomato, bacon & sharp cheddar cheese

Build Your Own
Three eggs & your choices from our extra’s list.

Homemade House Specialties Made Fresh Daily

Add fresh fruit topping, dry forest nuts, whipped cream, caramel, vanilla or raspberry sauce.

Eat Em’ Up Hot Cakes Or Waffle
Three hot cakes made from scratch, served with butter and real maple syrup.($7.55) One Large Waffle ($6.25) Add Any Meat ($2.25)

French Sweet Buns
Egg dipped cinnamon bun served with two strips of bacon or sausage, butter, and syrup.

Breakfast Pillows
Your choice of two pierogies, sautéed in butter with onions and served with one egg and home fries.

Chicken and Waffles
One homemade large waffle with crispy fried chicken tossed in a stingin’ honey garlic sauce

Stuffed Brioche French Toast
Egg dipped brioche bread stuffed with strawberry toppings.

Ask your server for our homemade quiche of the day served with home fries

Cream Whipped Beef
Served on toast with home fries
Available until 3:00pm


Waffle Combo
One waffle with two eggs any style and choice of meat.

Petite Portions

Served with hot tea or coffee

Junior Creamed Chipped Beef
Made fresh daily, served with home fries and toast($7.25) Substitute a Bagel($.75) Substitute English Muffin($.50)
Available until 3:00pm


Short Stack Eat’ Em Up Hot Cakes
Two hot cakes made from scratch served with butter, real maple syrup, and choice of two strips of bacon, or two sausage links.($7.25) Add fresh fruit topping, forest dried nuts, or whipped cream($1.25)
Whole wheat pancakes are available


Brioche French Toast
Two pieces of french toast and two strips of bacon

Country Eggs
Two scrambled eggs, sausage, onion, green pepper topped with American cheese. Served with home fries.
Substitute sausage for bacon or ham only


Hot and Cold Cereal

Hot Oatmeal Bowl
Served with raisins and milk
Cup ($2.95)


Hearty Fruit and Granola Bowl
Crunchy Granola topped with vanilla yogurt and an assortment of fresh fruits.

Assorted Cold Cereals
Add banana($1.00) Add strawberries or blueberries($1.25)

Hot Country Grits
Southern Style Country Grits

Side Orders

Creamed Chipped Beef ($4.25)

Extra Egg ($1.55)

Avocado ($1.50)

Lox ($4.95)

Home Fries ($2.75)

Add Green Peppers or Onions ($1.00)

Hearty Breakfast Meats
Choice of four slices of bacon, finger sausage links, three turkey sausage patties, chorizo sausage, Canadian bacon, pork roll or corned beef hash. One serving of scrapple, smoked ham or turkey bacon.